Crossmatch Delves Into Post-9/11 Biometrics

Crossmatch Delves Into Post-9/11 BiometricsThe phrase, “9/11 changed everything,” has become almost cliché – and like many clichés, that’s because it’s true. The worst terrorist attack in America’s history had dramatic consequences, reshaping the US government and its relationships with the rest of the world.

Domestically, a big part of that shift came in the form of a reorganization of government, and an intensification of security. And the biometrics industry, already popular in the law enforcement agency, began to take on a larger and more consequential role.

This is the history that Crossmatch is looking to explore over the next month through new educational initiatives, the company has announced. As a provider of biometric identification solutions, Crossmatch has long established itself as a major player in the government sector, and thus has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the military-industrial industry in the aftermath of 9/11. Now, it’s looking to share that expertise with the wider public.

It has kicked things off with a new video outlining the emergence and evolution of agencies like the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of the attacks, and the government bodies’ growing collaboration with the biometrics industry to find innovative solutions for domestic security. Take a look on YouTube or on Crossmatch’s website to get a brief and easy to understand outline of the key events, and stay tuned for more educational initiatives to come.