Crossmatch Comes Down on Truant Bakers

Fingerprint BiometricsFresh off its re-branding effort after acquiring DigitalPersona, biometric technology provider Crossmatch has announced that its U.are.U fingerprint scanners have been installed throughout the bakeries of Mexico’s upscale Montparnasse Pasteleria, concluding the installation process that began in June.

The retail bakery chain’s main concern in installing the technology was the apparently common practice of employees’ clocking in for each other using the company’s old paper-and-time clock system. This fraudulent practice is now impossible, since each employee’s fingerprint is unique; and in addition to saving the company money, the technology has allowed its management team to instantaneously receive information about employee attendance, allowing for greater efficiency.

Montparnasse Pasteleria systems director Ricardo M. Torres Menchaca noted, “The Crossmatch biometrics solution was just what our organization needed to improve employee accountability.”

The use of biometric identification for employee attendance is a practice that is sure to become more widespread and reflects a general trend of biometric technology’s infiltration of everyday life as biometric scanners appear in mobile devices, monitor basketball courts, and even scan for laughter at comedy clubs.

November 12, 2014 – by Alex Perala