Cross Match Technologies Appoints Michael Kohlsdorf as Interim CEO

8028_cross-match-technologies_crossmatchlogoDecember 8, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter    

On Friday, Cross Match Technologies announced that in order to fill the gap left by CEO David Buckley, who is leaving the company in order to pursue other interests, the company’s board of directors has hired Michael Kohlsdorf to provide leadership during the resulting selection process.

Kohlsdorf comes qualified for the position, not only currently sitting on Cross Match’s board of directors, but having also served as CEO of software solutions company Aderant. He has 25 years of experience in technology companies and is an operation partner of Francisco Partners, an investment firm that acquired Cross Match in July of last year.

Cross Match’s chairman of the board, Keith Geeslin, comments on the choice to elect Kohlsdorf to the temporary position, saying, “Mike is a natural choice for interim CEO and will do an excellent job to ensure that the Company remains focused on its 2014 objectives.”

Geeslin goes on to speak of the departure of David Buckley and what the future holds under new executive leadership, remarking, “We appreciate David’s leadership as the business transitioned ownership, and now are focused on positioning Cross Match for strategic growth through continued innovation and solution development that meets the needs of our global customers.”

Cross Match provides biometrics powered devices for government and law enforcement verticals. The company’s continued focus on bringing mobility into these arenas, offering mobile identity verification for field use through solutions like the SEEK Avenger, not only saves on manpower for police departments, but also allow for cleaner, more accurate booking records.