Cross Match Launches Guardian Module For Biometric Border Control

8028_cross-match-technologies_crossmatchlogoAutomated border control solutions, made possible by biometric capture technology, are growing in popularity all over the world, especially in Europe. It’s no surprise either, the passenger experience has been far from ideal for well over a decade as a demand for increased security has taken its toll on travelers in the name of safety. With automated border control eGates and kiosks on the rise, frequent fliers across the globe can expect some stress relief while biometrics vendors can get excited about a hot vertical market.

Today, Cross Match Technologies officially launched its new Guardian Module: a complete biometric capture solution designed for seamless integration with kiosks and eGates. It includes ten-print technology, biometric middleware and a customizable user guidance interface.

The Guardian Module is Cross Match’s  integrator-ready version of its Guardian livescan, launched in September of 2012. According to this morning’s press release announcing this launch, “Cross Match has over 80,000 Guardian family ten-print scanners deployed around the world, with many in very high profile continuous operation applications such as the US VISIT program, Global Entry automated border control kiosks and the UK IDENT program.”

Richard Agostinelli, Cross Match’s CEO, comments on this new offering, saying:  “The Guardian Module leverages our industry leadership in biometric enrollment and, in particular, our Guardian line of ten-print fingerprint scanner technology and biometric middleware. We offer kiosk and eGate integrators the latest fingerprint capture technology packaged in a compact, easily integrated form that is wrapped with our unique user interface for biometric identity capture.”

The end user experience – which is to say the experience of the passenger – is being focussed on greatly here, but the efficiency will reverberate through the whole airport security process. It uses pictographic prompts to guide subjects through the eGate and kiosk interaction, something essential in border control environments that have a high throughput while also having to face users that speak many different languages.

Cross Match’s biometric capture technology is also aimed at making things easy on the user with the ability to capture moist and dry prints without prior conditioning. Combine that with the Auto Capture and FlexFlat features here, which make sure prints are captured regardless of finger position, and you have a quick and accessible solution to get passengers through security without needing to interact with time-poor security staff.

Cross Match Technologies recently acquired DigitalPersona, appointing Rich Agostinelli as CEO. findBIOMETRICS was able to interview Rich about the major merger and what it means for the companies moving forward. 

June 17, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter