Credential Management Company Dashlane Joins FIDO Alliance

Dashlane, the provider of an eponymous password management platform, has joined the FIDO Alliance, the company has announced.

Credential Management Company Dashlane Joins FIDO AllianceMembership in the cross-industry consortium was a long time coming. Dashlane was the first password manger to embrace FIDO’s U2F standard, and the first to offer FIDO-based authentication via Yubico’s USB U2F devices. As Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit put it in a statement, FIDO’s are security standards “that Dashlane supports in both theory and practice.”

Commenting on the company’s new membership, FIDO Alliance Executive Director Brett McDowell said that “[w]hen a leading mass market credential management company like Dashlane joins the Alliance it sends a message to the rest of the market” about the growing consensus around FIDO standards.

Dashlane wasn’t just an early adopter of FIDO authentication standards; the app was also quick to embrace Android Marshmallow’s fingerprint scanning support when it arrived in 2015, complementing support already in place for the iPhone’s Touch ID biometric authentication system.

February 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala