Corporate Rebrand Revolves Around Safran Name

Safran is rebranding its entire corporate structure including its many subsidiaries.

Corporate Rebrand Revolves Around Safran NameIn so doing, the company is going for a more consistent brand, with the new names of all corporate entities featuring the Safran name first and foremost, and generally followed by a generic reference to their areas of expertise. For example, Snecma has now become Safran Aircraft Engines, while Morpho has become Safran Identity & Security.

Though it isn’t yet clear how the rebrand could affect regional subsidiaries like MorphoTrust and MorphoTrak, the move should help to reduce or eliminate market confusion arising from the nomenclature of its various branches. Announcing the rebrand in a statement, Safran CEO Philippe Petitcolin said it “will allow us to unite our efforts and focus our investments on a single brand, to the greater benefit of all of our businesses worldwide,” and also suggested it could improve employee morale by fostering a sense of inclusiveness among the company’s 70,000 employees.

The company has also announced a new slogan: “Powered by trust,” a term that seems especially apt for its Morpho branch, whose biometric technologies so often serve to ensure trust in identity management and authentication.

May 19, 2016 – by Alex Perala