Coolpad Sticks With FPC1025 Sensor for New Device

Coolpad Sticks With FPC1025 Sensor for New DeviceAnother repeat customer has integrated Fingerprint Cards technology into a new smartphone. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite features an FPC1025 fingerprint sensor.

It’s the same sensor model that was used in a couple of other recent Coolpad devices – the Quan Mo Wang smartphone launched last fall and the Coolpad Shine before that. The OEM is evidently happy with the product, and its latest device, launched in India for a little over $100 USD, should help to further extend the prominence of smartphone sensors down the price spectrum – a trend that may see fingerprint sensors almost ubiquitous on new smartphones in the near future.

In addition to helping to solidify a longstanding partnership, this latest Coolpad integration also helps to reinforce FPC’s leading position as a fingerprint sensor supplier to smartphone OEMs. These kinds of integrations have helped to propel the company over the past year to its position as the leading European stock of 2015; and looking ahead, FPC has indicated that it aims to expand even beyond the smartphone market, sensing opportunities in the automotive sector and elsewhere.

January 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala