Continental Leverages Biometrics for Driver Convenience, Car Efficiency

German car maker Continental is doubling down on the biometrics front ahead of CES 2017.

Continental Leverages Biometrics for Driver Convenience, Car EfficiencyThe company had announced a number of sophisticated smart car technologies to be showcased at the event earlier this week, including dynamically adjusting tinted glass and HTML5 in-car displays. Among the most eyebrow-raising of these were its plans to incorporate biometrics such as fingerprint scanning into the car.

Now, it’s elaborating a little on what’s in store. The engineers at Continental have envisioned what they call a Passive Start and Entry, or PASE, system that will incorporate biometric elements. An ignition system based on both key proximity and fingerprint scanning would effectively implement two-factor authentication, for example. And, as Continental Body & Security head Michael Crane added in a statement, “the access systems allow us to only control specific components as needed,” meaning that “components are not required to operate continuously, which saves energy and increases efficiency.”

Continental will showcase these technologies both at Booth #3128 at CES and at a private event at the Renaissance Hotel during the show.

December 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala