Consumer Biometrics Month: The Roundup

June is coming to a close and with it Consumer Biometrics Month must also end. Over the past four weeks, FindBiometrics has dedicated its featured articles, industry news, and expert guest content to examining the everyday biometrics that have taken post-password security into the mainstream.

Take a look back on the highlights of Consumer Biometrics Month:

The Consumer Biometrics Primer

Consumer Biometrics Month: The RoundupWhile the fingerprint scanning smartphone is the go-to example of consumer biometrics, advances in connectivity, mobility, and biometry have greatly expanded the range of end-user access points to fingerprint, face, voice, vein, and iris recognition. In week one of Consumer biometrics month we took the opportunity to summarize the biggest topics in consumer biometrics with a primer on the topic, designed to get you up to speed before diving deeper into the world of everyday biometrics.

Consumer Biometrics Month: The Primer

Biometric of Things

Consumer Biometrics Month: The RoundupBIO-key International has taken full advantage of the consumer biometrics boom, and as our Consumer Biometrics Month sponsor, the company spent June highlighting a concept it has termed the ‘Biometric of Things’ (BoT). Central to this discussion is BIO-key’s line of fingerprint-protected locks. The links below serve to illustrate the many quotidian ways biometrics can make everyday life more convenient and secure, whether you’re traveling to a different country or biking downtown.

GUEST POST: An Exclusive Look at BIO-key’s Biometric Bicycle Locks

GUEST POST: Secure Your Travel Luggage With Biometric Locks

INFOGRAPHIC: BIO-key’s Biometric of Things

GUEST POST: TouchLock BLE Offers Security and Convenience With the Power of a Touch

The End User Experience

Consumer Biometrics Month: The RoundupIn the second week of Consumer Biometrics Month, we turned our focus to the key reason users are turning to biometrics: convenience. Examining four different biometric use cases—involving mobile devices, AI, bike locks, and connected cars—we illustrated how life is simply easier with biometrics. Of course, there are still adoption obstacles when it comes to post-password security, and in week three we dug into the common fear of presentation attacks, explaining why average users have nothing to worry about when it comes to embracing biometrics.

Consumer Biometrics Month: 4 Easy End User Experiences

Consumer Biometrics Month: Why Average Users Shouldn’t Worry About Spoofing

Business As Usual

Consumer Biometrics Month: The RoundupIn the industry news we reported on some significant consumer biometrics milestones throughout June. New research gave insight into the Millennial generation’s demand for biometrics and 2FA security, Microsoft launched a new keyboard with an embedded fingerprint sensor courtesy of FPC, and BIO-key announced the first orders of its TouchLock biometric padlocks from customers in China and Japan.

Millennials Suffer From Password Overload

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard Has FPC Sensor Embedded in Key

BIO-key Receives First Orders For TouchLock Biometric Padlocks

The Biometric Phone Flood Continues

Consumer Biometrics Month: The RoundupWhile Consumer Biometrics Month was all about shedding light on the lesser acknowledged aspects of everyday biometrics, nothing can stop the flood of smartphone fingerprint sensor integrations. Take a look at all the new consumer handsets launched in June with biometric security intended to make life easier, and the innovations improving their accuracy:

Waterproof Fingerprint Sensor On AGM X1 Comes Courtesy of FPC

OnePlus 5 Features FPC Biometric Sensor

OPPO R11 and OPPO R11 Plus Use Fingerprint Cards Biometrics Tech

Nubia Z17 Features a Fingerprint Cards Biometric Sensor

Fingerprint Cards Sensor Featured on Moto Z2 Play

Precise Biometrics Bringing Liveness Detection to Flagship Mobile Software


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