Confirm SDK Aims to Improve Mobile ID Verification

Confirm SDK Aims to Improve Mobile ID VerificationMobile authentication specialist Confirm has announced a new software development kit for government-issued ID verification. Aptly called the ID Verification SDK, it will initially be available for iOS app developers.

In a statement announcing the SDK, Confirm said it’s meant to address the issue of unreliability on apps requiring ID confirmation, asserting that issues like poor lighting and awkward angles result in “upwards of 30-40” percent of those pictures being rejected. Confirm’s ID Verification SDK offers a solution that offers real-time guidance to users on how to aim their smartphone cameras to capture suitable images of official ID documents.

Commenting in a statement, Confirm Head of Product Arik Keller said the SDK “brings together extensive customer research and user testing that helped us build a simple experience for the end consumer.”

It could prove to be a popular SDK as official ID documents are increasingly digitized; indeed, while there appears to be a growing market need for such a system now, other advanced ID technologies such as mobile driver licences could eventually render even this kind of technology redundant. For now, though, it may offer a useful solution to a diverse and rapidly evolving marketplace.

March 2, 2016 – by Alex Perala