Computer Vision Specialist Working to Establish Security Tech in Schools

Computer Vision Specialist Working to Establish Security Tech in SchoolsComputer vision specialist Deep North has announced a new partnership program aimed at delivering its technology to schools. The company says it’s currently working with schools in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Texas to implement technology designed to scan video security feeds for dangerous behavior, with the aim of immediately alerting school authorities of any violent incidents.

In announcing the partnerships, Deep North did not elaborate on the details of their arrangements with the schools, but the company did say that the overall program “will lay the foundation for the Company’s planned expansion into the education sector, as the demand for sensible, cost-effective safety measures in schools continues to grow exponentially.” The company added that it is also working with school districts to add “capabilities and alert systems to prevent student abductions, particularly those by parents or family members who have restricted custodial rights.”

The program reflects what appears to be a larger, growing trend as an increasing number of schools adopt biometric and computer vision security systems. Certain school authorities in New York are currently implementing a system from SN Technologies designed to recognize individuals on watch lists and to detect items such as firearms; and Seattle’s RealNetworks recently announced that it is offering free facial recognition technology to schools across the US and Canada.

For Deep North’s part, CEO Michael Adair commented, “We look forward to expanding our efforts with this program and helping more schools across the country enhance security, mitigate safety risks and better protect their students and faculty for the long run.”

October 1, 2018 – by Alex Perala