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TOC is an identity verification and biometric signature company.
We work without enrollment or a database, by linking the fingerprint directly with the biometric information contained in a Smartphone/Tablet/ID Card.
Our patented TOC Trusted 3rd Party (TT3) model, which functions through TOC Cloud creates a unique token for every transaction.

No database.

Databases are fragile. The information inside can be stolen or corrupted. With Toc Biometrics, we ensure privacy and security in every transaction, without using database. It works by comparing the costumer´s live fingerprint with the one registered on the smartphone. In each transaction we make a direct match, 1:1, between the fingerprint and the mobile device. We do not consult a database or information bank, eliminating the vulnerability to hacking and the theft of private information. Therefore, Toc Biometrics provides total transaction security and privacy is guaranteed.
If you get a positive match, the transaction goes ahead, replacing the use of passwords, tokens, ID cards or other forms of identification.
TOC Biometrics uses the costumer´s stand alone mobile device, or the combination of the smartphone with a PC or MAC desktops, laptop or ATM machine, through the bank system and TOC Cloud.

What I am versus what I have.

The system allows customers to avoid the use of passwords, tokens, coordinating cards, ATM’s PINS, etc. And it works without any of the owner’s sensitive data.
Using our patented TOC Trusted Third party (TT3) model, and tokenization, we ensure that every transaction is unique, 100% secure, and unhackable.
Trusted 3rd Party: Our patent pending TOC Trusted 3rd Party (TT3) technology which functions through TOC Cloud creates a unique token for every transaction. This system guarantees security, privacy and total traceability of every operation.
TOC biometrics solutions operates on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with a fingerprint sensor.


Approve by TOC:  replaces passwords with fingerprints for all kinds of operations


Banking: TOC Approve replaces passwords for all kinds of operations: Online banking, online transactions, mobile sales, credit history management, risk evaluation, ATM access, paperless electronic signature, and all kinds of consent approval needs.

Insurance: TOC Approve speeds up several insurance processes such as, mobile sales, policy electronic signature, payments, insurance claims and returns, and all other kinds of consent approval.

Retail: TOC Approve manages POS payments, and small shops payments such as, payments between Smartphones and/or Tablets. TOC Approve also operates mobile sales, geolocalized promotions and other activities authorized by the customer´s fingerprint. And all kind of consent approval.

Healthcare: TOC Approve speeds up several healthcare administrative processes such as, patient identification, payments, insurance electronic paperwork, mobile sales, electronic signature, and all kind of consent approval.


TOCMETER is the log record of all the transactions made through TOC Cloud. It allows:

Traceability and auditing: We can inspect the transaction history.
Real time monitoring: What is the level of activity at any moment.
Geolocation: Where was the transaction made.
Privacy: We don’t store sensitive personal details. We only store details which are essential.
Cloud backup: Everything is located in Amazon Cloud.
Performance management: Information can be fed directly into a Balanced Scorecard.

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