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StoneLock is a global leader in designing and manufacturing secure biometric access control solutions.  Utilizing Near-Infrared (NIR) technology, StoneLock technology offers rapid and reliable verification of identity without the use of images – even in total darkness.  Our best-in-class solutions will never store personal identifiable information and guarantee ease of use for both users and security professionals.

Trusted Partner

 As a trusted partner for over a third of the Fortune 100 companies, StoneLock brings together unique knowledge and capabilities in the areas of biometrics, identity management, and manufacturing systems to meet the most stringent of security requirements for government and commercial customers.

Scalable Solutions with Seamless Integrations

 The company’s superior enterprise-ready biometric access control products are configurable as standalone solutions or can be seamlessly integrated through our proprietary technology with leading access control systems such as Software House, Lenel, Honeywell, AMAG, and many others.

Superior Ease of Use

At StoneLock, we work to understand the needs of our customers, to ensure proper sales channel training for our products, and to conduct our business with integrity and pride. Our goal is to enhance your security, reduce your liability, and seamlessly ensure the protection of your most critical assets.

Example of Industries We Serve 

  • Aviation
  • Data Centers
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Critical Infrastructure

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StoneLock® Pro is a frictionless facial recognition device for access control that provides rapid, reliable confirmation of identity for both commercial and government entities.

Intuitive & User Friendly

Through its intuitive and user-friendly interface, users simply approach the StoneLock® Pro device, which detects and measures more than 2,000 points of reflectivity on the user’s face in less than a second, to provide trusted authentication.

 Uniquely Secure & Accurate with NIR Technology

A key differentiator for StoneLock is the use of its proprietary near infrared (NIR) technology that consistently validates identity without the use of images, even distinguishing between identical twins. This technology ensures best-in-class performance, including in complete darkness, and overcomes inconsistencies of ambient light associated with photo-based authentication.

Highest Standards of Security

Delivering the highest standards of security, StoneLock® Pro has a nearly “zero” False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of <0.0004% (better than one in one quarter million), making it ideal for customers who recognize the inherent weaknesses of standalone access badges or PINs that can get lost, stolen, or shared.

Non-Image Based

 As a non-image based authenticator, StoneLock® Pro does not retain any user biometric data.  Instead, an encrypted reference file is created, which is only operational in conjunction with StoneLock’s proprietary algorithms.


  • Does not retain sensitive personal identifiable information (PII)
  • 1/250,000 False Acceptance Ratio
  • Easy to install, configure and operate
  • Scans 2,000+ points in less than a second
  • Integrates with most leading access control systems

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StoneLock is meeting government’s need for access control by offering users both accuracy and convenience while meeting the stringent requirements of some of the most security-intensive facility requirements. As government moves beyond personal identity verification (PIV) cards and PIN numbers, which can easily be stolen and shared, biometrics provide reliability, convenience and total cost of ownership in one.

StoneLock’s offerings provide secure authentication of identity without the use of images or personal identifiable information (PII), limiting liability for government and protecting sensitive employee information.

Select Applications Include:

  • Access Control & Building Security
  • Insider Threat Mitigation
  • Employee Identity Management
  • Customs & Border Security



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