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SRI International has a distinguished history of research and development in the field of iris biometrics, funded by the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, commercial entities, and internal investment. Its first iris recognition system was built in 1995. Around this same time, the company spun out its first commercial venture, Sensar, which provided comprehensive biometric technology to the banking and finance industries.

In addition to the development of iris recognition systems, SRI has done extensive work in iris image analytics, system analysis, algorithm development, long distance iris recognition, sensor systems, optics, and image/video processing.

Iris on the Move® Biometric Identification Systems

SRI offers a complete line of easy-to-use, indoor/outdoor iris enrollment and recognition products built on patented Iris on the Move® (IOM) technology. IOM systems perform iris recognition effortlessly at a distance and on the move in all lighting conditions.

The iris is proven to be unmatched for accuracy when compared to fingerprints, palm prints, or facial recognition systems. SRI delivers the absolute security of iris recognition with fast, accurate, and easy-to-use products. IOM systems minimize the need for user interaction through technology that allows iris capture and verification at unprecedented standoff distances and with extraordinary tolerance to subject motion. Unlike other iris capture systems that require users to stop or to position their eyes close to a camera, IOM enables subjects to simply glance and go.

IOM systems incorporate next-generation optics, lighting, and algorithms optimized to achieve exceptional performance in extreme lighting conditions. The products function in both indoor and outdoor environments and in light levels ranging from night to full sunlight. This outdoor capability could change the landscape of what’s possible in biometric security for a multitude of applications from critical infrastructures and border crossings to corporate campuses and banking institutions.

IOM PassPort™ Portal System: A convenient, high-throughput iris recognition system that delivers uncompromising identity authentication without delay. This product may also be configured to perform enrollments for select use scenarios. Ideal for high-traffic applications such as airports and border crossings, this walk-through portal has a processing speed of 30 people per minute.

IOM N-Glance™ Modular System: An easy-to-use, compact iris identity verification system for access control. With indoor and outdoor configurations, the system allows users to network any number of iris readers to enforce secure access throughout a facility or campus.

The N-Glance system can easily be integrated within new or existing physical access control systems. For example, this IOM product has been incorporated into several different turnstiles allowing users to control gated access with iris recognition.

IOM RapID-Cam™ II Handheld Biometric System: This ruggedized, handheld device allows for simple biometric enrollment and identification anywhere in the field. The RapID-Cam II camera can capture dual-iris and facial images up to eighteen inches away—putting a comfortable distance between the user and the subject.

IOM Self-Enrollment Kiosk Module: This preliminary kiosk module performs automatic, ISO/IEC-quality face and iris registration. Designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) integration, the module enables people to enroll themselves as quickly as printing a boarding pass or getting cash from an ATM.

IOM PassThru™ Drive-up System: Currently in development, this drive-up iris recognition system for vehicle entry points enables accurate, biometric access control at the perimeter. The system performs outdoors in day and night conditions extending identity authentication to the farthest access points. The PassThru will be available April 2013.

About SRI International

SRI International creates world-changing solutions to make people safer, healthier, and more productive. SRI, a research center headquartered in Menlo Park, California, works primarily in advanced technology and systems, biosciences, computing, and education. SRI brings its innovations to the marketplace through technology licensing, spin-off ventures and new product solutions.

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