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Transforming Human Interaction with Connected Devices to Digital Identity Solutions

Mobile devices are now integral parts of our lives. We perform myriad transactions on the go, across a multitude of apps. The problem is that our experience is often hampered by trying to remember not only our username and password, but also identity codes or answers to authentication questions.

At SecuredTouch, we’re working toward making passwords and all these other hassles a thing of the past.

Our goal is to make the human-device experience seamless and secure.
With SecuredTouch technology, our devices – mobile, car, smart home, watch or any other IoT product – will identify us simply by the way we interact. No passwords, no user IDs, no hassles – just us.

What is Behavioral Biometrics?

Behavioral Biometrics represent the uniquely identifying and measurable patterns in human interaction with a device. Behavioral biometrics is an additional layer of security that provides seamless, continuous user authentication virtually impossible to imitate due to the innate nature of these characteristics.

Powered with machine learning capabilities, the solution continuously monitors and improves the accuracy, learns a wide variety of pattern elements of an individual and analyzing everything in the background, dynamically improving the security layer.

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Continuous Authentication: The Business Case for Behavioral Biometrics

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SecuredTouch’s advanced technology eliminates the trade-off between the need for strong security and a smooth user experience.

Unlike conventional authentication methods which rely on passwords, device fingerprinting or geo-location, SecuredTouch focuses primarily on the user. Our technology creates a unique profile for each user by collecting and analyzing more than 100 physical behavior parameters, such as user finger pressure, finger size, and touch coordinates.

Using proprietary machine-learning algorithms, user behavior is continuously validated against a unique user profile, allowing for real-time identity verification behind the scenes.

  • Continuous authentication throughout the session not just on login
  • No enrolling of new customers needed – automated profile building
  • Transparent to the user
  • Easy to implement – light SDK you can get set up in just a few hours!


Fraudsters can steal credentials, devices, and fingerprints. They cannot steal behaviors. SecuredTouch detects malware, non-human and fraudulent behavior immediately upon activation– no baseline profile is required. It stops automated fraud tools, scripts, bots, IP spoofing and RATs. It blocks attacks from emulators and virtual machines by detecting false mobile traffic and prevents attacks that lay in wait until the password has been entered.

The solution delivers push\pull notifications during suspicious events like bots or when a session’s risk crosses a certain threshold, stopping breaches.

It cannot be hacked: a stolen behavioral profile is meaningless. Non-intrusive, it replaces multifactor authentication, delivers real-time validation and eliminates false positives. Even if the malicious actor appears to be the legitimate user, SecuredTouch continuous monitoring quickly detects compromised user credentials, strengthening protection.

  • Push/pull notifications during suspicious events
  • Reveal RAT attacks
  • Detect emulators \ simulators
  • Differentiate human vs. non-human traffic


Today’s mobile devices use patterns or passwords to authenticate users at a single point in time. SecuredTouch’s behavioral biometrics automatically recognize the device’s legitimate user during every interaction. This means that the phone’s data or applications cannot be accessed by unauthorized users, ensuring continuous privacy.

SecuredTouch, provides complete user access control over the entire device or individual applications, selectively blocking access to sensitive information and actions. It can identify subscribers or reinforce parental controls on multi-user devices.

A device-level product, SecuredTouch SDK is custom-tuned for Android and embeds directly into the Android OS, with minimal effect on battery and CPU.

  • Complete user access control over the entire device or individual applications
  • Prevents device take over
  • Identifies individual users on a shared device
  • Selectively blocks access to sensitive information and actions

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