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Paravision provides face recognition SDKs for enterprises and system & device integrators who need mission-critical face recognition that excels at accuracy, provides superior levels of security, and can be deployed in any environment.

Paravision’s face recognition algorithm excels across challenging scenarios including light & angle variability, blur & pixelation, racial and ethnic diversity, and occlusions.

Paravision is one of three companies globally, and the only US-based company, to place in the top 10 in 48 accuracy benchmarks across the NIST 1:1 and 1:N FRVT – the US government’s independent evaluation of face recognition technologies.

Enterprises and federal agencies across financial services, defense & intelligence, law enforcement, and security & monitoring trust Paravision’s mission-critical face recognition technology in situations where an error or mistake could result in profound negative consequences.


Paravision delivers self-hosted APIs and mobile SDKs for customers to access and leverage our best-in-class face recognition technology.

  • Full control of your data and customer privacy
  • Hosted on-premise in your own environment
  • Lightning fast response time
  • Easy integration using Docker
  • REST-compliant API


  • Full control of your data and customer privacy
  • Offline capabilities on any device or hardware
  • Fast processing times (no asset uploads required)
  • Loadable onto any mobile client (<20MB binary size)

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