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NuData Security is an award-winning passive biometrics and behavioral analytics company. Our flagship product, NuDetect, helps companies identify users based on their online interactions – behavior that can’t be mimicked or replicated by a third party.

NuData believes good users deserve good online experiences and brands deserve protection against abuse. NuDetect analyzes hundreds of device, location, passive biometric and behavioral signals to build an ongoing digital identity. This analysis informs clients of fraud risk and gives them choices about what actions to take even before the transaction.

NuDetect analyzes nearly 80 billion online interactions yearly. NuData is trusted by some of the largest global brands in the world to verify users with their own natural behaviors and offer a great customer experience.

Good User Verification with Unparalleled Accuracy

Know Who to Trust with Behavioral Biometrics

Identify Good Users Early

Detect new account fraud and unwanted users at account creation. Prevent high-risk account creation by detecting unwanted users, anomalies, and automation. NuDetectTM identifies the high risk accounts that are most likely to lead to brand damage from fraudulent activity − the moment account is created and throughout the lifetime of the account.

Enhance Customer Experience and Stop Account Takeover Fraud

Be confident that the real user is authenticating and not an imposter using stolen credentials. NuDetect’s behavioral biometrics knows the real user by the way they behave. NuDetect verifies if a user is the genuine user or flags them as an imposter, machine, malware or other high-risk entity. Organizations who verify customer behavior can make informed decisions to reduce authentication requirements for an seamless customer experience while stopping fraud.

Make Accurate Decisions At the Transaction

Prevent unauthorized transactions and speed up the checkout process for known good users. NuDetect’s behavioral analytics software understands how real users behave in order to help decision makers identify high-risk behaviors and remove good customers from your review queue.

4 Integrated Technologies for Unparalleled Accuracy

NuDetect is powered by a tightly integrated and consolidated solution. 

Behavioral Biometrics

Trust the user. Does your customer’s behavioral biometric profile confirm their identity or has somebody stolen their password and taking over their identity?

Behavioral Analysis

Trust the behavior. Is your customer behaving as they usually do, or showing signs of malware, fraud, or a scam? We can detect tiny variations in how humans and machines behave.

Device & Access Intel

Trust that the real user is using the device. Is the user in a new location using a new device, or is this an attempt to spoof the device and location using valid credentials?

Cloud Consortium of Trusted Intelligence

Trust the consortium. Is your user behaving like other users and like they usually do on other sites? NuDetect processes tens of billions of behavioral events per year across its client and business network and references this data to build greater confidence and lower risk.

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