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Nok Nok Labs is backed by veterans of the security industry from PGP, Netscape, PayPal & Phoenix and have deep experience in building Internet scale security protocols and products. Based in Palo Alto, CA, the company was founded in November 2011 to unify the silos that plague current online authentication technologies.

We believe that authentication is the “ignition key” that can enable a rich set of possibilities for the growing cloud, mobile and ecommerce markets. Authentication should scale easily and securely to meet new innovations in technology, the proliferation of mobile devices, the explosion in data and its management, as well as the rapid increase of malware and cybercrime. Authentication should be universal to meet future needs and the limitless world of the cloud. Key requirements for authentication include strong security and simplicity. However, current approaches and solutions have only been able to deliver one or the other, but not both, creating silos of legacy authentication solutions that limit both enterprises and consumers.

Our ambition is to fundamentally transform online authentication by enabling end-to-end trust across the web in a manner that is natural to end-users while providing strong security and proof of identity.

Our approach unifies the silos that limit online authentication today, enabling organizations to fully leverage legacy as well as future solutions and technologies. Our solutions are able to utilize current and future technologies to meet the scaling and flexibility requirements created by the rapid growth in Internet-connected devices and transactions.

A result will be a reduction or elimination of the current reliance on user names and passwords that are at the front of the security pain for web transactions, and currently affect end-users, enterprises and national defense infrastructures. The adoption of cloud computing and the mobile device ecosystem requires the ability to move beyond the user-password paradigm of the past and Nok Nok Labs brings an innovative solution to that problem.

Our Solution

Nok Nok Labs is not another authentication vendor offering a point solution. Our solution is aimed at disrupting the underlying framework on which current authentication solutions depend. Our Unified Authentication Infrastructure leverages a new protocol—the Online Secure Transaction Protocol (OSTP), a scalable strong authentication protocol designed for modern computing requirements and the “Internet of Things”.

Nok Nok Labs is building solutions with the Unified Authentication Infrastructure on core principles, including the ability to:

  • Interoperate with current and legacy authentication solutions;
  • Integrate with personal recognition methods available to end-users on their devices;
  • Combine biometric and non-biometric authenticators to create strong, flexible and risk-appropriate multifactor authentication, tailored to any user or transaction type
  • Leverage a standards-based protocol that is open to vendors, manufacturers and relying parties; and
  • Scale with future developments in modern computing – new devices, new technologies and new use cases.

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