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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Invixium is a leading manufacturer of beautifully designed, modern, IoT ready biometric products for access control, time and attendance tracking and smart homes & buildings. Fiercely passionate about revitalizing the antiquated biometrics industry, our enthusiasm for innovation and product development is fueled by the desire to eliminate antiquated means of entry; enabling people to use the technology they were born with. With a razor-sharp focus on enhancing the customer experience, our stories are full of unrelenting undertakings to reach out and extend the boundaries of what is possible.

Our differentiation is felt from the first glance of our products, through our in-house developed algorithms, smart engineering and flexible architecture allowing for high performance, rapid product releases and customizations based on specific project needs. Invixium products are proudly made in Canada!

Invixium has forged winning partnerships with leading brands like HID, SecuGen, Hitachi, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Corning and Next Biometrics to leverage their expertise and offer unmatched features across our product line. Our products incorporate trusted technologies and bring a plethora of innovative and unique features that are signature to our brand.

The Invixium line currently consists of 5 product models, all purpose-built and meticulously designed to provide powerful, secure, convenient access to homes, offices and buildings alike: Invixium products

TITAN – Our multimodal powerhouse allowing for facial recognition AND finger vein or fingerprint, allowing up to 4-factor authentication. A 21-megapixel camera, IP67 and rugged aluminum enclosure makes TITAN also ideal for video intercom or surveillance applications in harsh outdoor environments. Read more:

TOUCH 2 –  Ideal for access control and employee time tracking applications, TOUCH includes an enhanced 2.4” LCD with protective Gorilla Glass for user enrollment directly from the device along with programmable function keys. Read more:

SENSE 2 – Equipped with a ruggedized sensor with multispectral imagining technology by HID (Lumidigm) for enhanced biometric performance where the user population has problematic fingers due to dirt, chemicals, genetics, age or environmental conditions like construction sites, refineries, factories and hospitals. Read more:

MERGE – Our slimmest and most economical model comes with 2.0” LCD screen for PIN and function keys along with card access option allowing for up to 3-factor authentication. A perfect balance of features vs. cost! Read more:

MYCRO – A durable biometric allowing up to 2-factor authentication with finger plus card access (iCLASS, MiFARE/DESFire, DESFire EV1, HID or EM Prox). Our biometric workhorse! Read more:

For side-by-side product comparisons, visit WEB is the web-based management software for IXM devices, required for user & device registration, configuration, reporting and monitoring. An enterprise level application, IXM WEB’s added value hails from modules like:Invixium IX WEB

  • IXM Convert – allows for migration of existing, non-proprietary fingerprint images and fingerprint templates into standardized Invixium biometric templates
  • IXM Linq – allows for seamless user/cardholder synchronization between the databases of IXM WEB and leading access control companies, such as Galaxy Control Systems, RS2 Technologies, Honeywell, Genetec, Gallagher, Siemens, Paxton, and more….

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