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IDEX is a leading developer of advanced off-chip fingerprint sensors and complete system solutions to a range of biometrically-enabled applications, including smart cards, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile. The company’s technology is based on a fundamentally unique architecture that delivers form factor flexibility and superior cost-performance characteristics. IDEX’s total addressable market represents a fast-growing multi-billion unit opportunity.

IDEX’s Technology Differentiation

 IDEX is one of only a few vendors possessing core IP and patents for the established capacitive fingerprint sensor technology. The Company has a comprehensive portfolio of capacitive fingerprint sensors, and is the only supplier in the industry offering both silicon-based sensors as well as off-chip polymer sensors.

IDEX is further one of only two vendors with commercially proven and patent-protected off-chip capacitive sensing technology. Separating the ASIC from the sensing array provides increased form factor flexibility and lower cost. While the sensor ASIC is made from silicon, the sensor array can be made of cheaper and/or more flexible materials such as polymer, ceramics or glass. This leads to a significant cost advantage compared to silicon-based solutions, especially for medium-sized sensors.

IDEX’s off-chip technology is a key differentiator in multiple target end markets. In the cards market, where larger area sensors with low power requirements are preferred, the off-chip technology has significant cost advantages over silicon-based sensors while also enabling the use of bendable sensors that are compatible with industry specific ISO ID form factor requirements. In the mobile market, off-chip sensors offer both a premium performance and a cost advantage for medium and large form factors, and the technology is also well suited for integration into flexible OLED displays.

IDEX’s silicon sensors has a small form factor and provides competitive price and performance characteristics.

Software is an essential integrated element of the biometric solutions IDEX develops and sells. The software components range from elements such as on-sensor firmware to extracting and matching algorithms, and enhanced functionality such as navigation.

IDEX’s IP rights cover complete biometric systems ranging from measurement principles, algorithms, sensor design and system solutions in a wide range of territories including the U.S., Europe and China. IDEX also holds a cross license to certain fundamental fingerprint sensor patents with Apple.

Biometric smartcard market opportunity

Biometric cards represent a significant commercial potential for fingerprint sensors, and IDEX has taken a lead position in this market. Increased demand for security and user friendliness, as well as the accelerating adoption of fingerprint sensors by mobile OEMs, drives the market, which consists of several vertical opportunities, including financial inclusion initiatives, banking, ID and access cards.

Biometric cards require a more specialized fingerprint sensor solution than that of mobile handsets. Whereas mobile handsets have a power source, significant processing capacity and offer structural protection for the sensor, biometric cards must be thin, bendable and require limited processing power.

In collaboration with its strategic partners, including an undisclosed global payments company and Safran Identity & Security, IDEX has since 2015 been working on a worldwide biometric programme to launch a mass deployable biometric smartcard. The collaboration has resulted in an end-to-end solution that is secure and commercially deployable for use with existing payment and enrolment infrastructure. More specifically, the solution has proven compatibility with existing point of sales terminals. It contains a certified on-card matcher, and has been designed into a mass enrolment system. The card is expected to be available for commercial production in the second half of 2017.

The solution leverages IDEX’s off-chip capacitive touch fingerprint sensor in a standard thickness card that is compliant with ISO bending tests. IDEX’s sensor is compatible with standard low-cost card manufacturing processes and has the lowest price point of any similar biometric sensor solution.



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