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With millions of users across the globe, HYPR is the leader in decentralized authentication.

HYPR provides instant access to fingerprint, voice, face, eye or palm recognition on over 2 billion devices. Our FIDO-Certified software transforms any application into a biometric authenticator – empowering secure password-less authentication across mobile, desktop and IoT systems.

Fortune 500 enterprises trust HYPR to eliminate fraud, increase revenue and enhance the secure digital experience.

Decentralized Authentication

Forget everything you know about multi-factor security. Fortune 500 enterprises trust HYPR decentralized biometric authentication to secure digital experiences across millions of users.

With HYPR you gain limitless access to any modality – including voice, face, touch, eye, palm, and many more. Combine two or more biometric factors to deploy the most appropriate level of security based on the user and the desired level of access.

HYPR Use Cases

Biometric Login

The login screen is everyone’s least favorite part of an application. Not anymore. Empower your users with a fast and frictionless experience by deploying HYPR-Secure biometric login.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are no longer viable for businesses or consumers – but they’re not going to just disappear overnight. HYPR passwordless authentication addresses both the UX and security challenges allowing you – the enterprise – to focus on generating revenue.

Step-Up Authentication

Step up authentication is easily the “killer app” when it comes to multi-factor security. Two or more biometric factors can be combined to deploy the most appropriate level of security based on the user action and the desired level of access.

IoT Authentication

Door locks, cars, connected homes, medical devices and critical infrastructure… all part of a growing world of connected devices. HYPR is the only decentralized IoT authentication solution designed for the Bio-T – a biometric internet of things.

Out-of-Band Authentication

HYPR enables secure biometric out-of-band authentication (OOBA) – a process requiring approval from two different channels or networks. This ensures that a transaction cannot be completed without the user having access to both devices.

Omni-Channel Authentication

HYPR not only allows for a quicker and more accurate customer identification, it also enables a more personalized and engaged customer experience across all business units. Deploy HYPR omni-channel authentication to all customers, partners, and employee channels with the push of a button.

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