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Green Bit Biometric Systems S.p.A., headquartered in Turin (Italy), designs, develops and markets a complete product line of FBI certified fingerprint scanner starting from single finger, rolled, 10-print up to palm Livescan systems. Green Bit is in the market space since 1997 with a long track record of successful installations worldwide including deployments in Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Turkey, USA, China, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan, just to name a few. To date Green Bit is the only 100% European Livescan manufacturer providing a full product portfolio for Law Enforcement, Civil ID and Added Value Commercial Applications.

Following a strict B2B approach: Green Bit never addresses the final end user, thus not competing with System Integrators and Solution Providers that are actually our customers.

Green Bit addresses all markets worldwide given our direct presence with subsidiaries in the USA, China and Kazakhstan and through an expert network of Sales Agents around the globe.


Law Enforcement – for registering inmates, Asylum Seekers and all other police related identification.

Civil Identification – Enrollment solutions for Electronic Documents, i.e. ePassport, eID cards, eVisa ecc

Added Value Commercial Applications: FinTech, Health care, Banking, Gaming, eCommerce,…

Common characteristics of Green Bit Livescans are:
  • FBI IAFIS-IQS App. F and PIV certificates for the entire product line
  • Full featured SDK for image acquisition, enhancement and processing
  • Unbeatable price/quality ratio
  • Italian design
  • High Reliability
Standard Products
  • The MultiScan527 a law enforcement palm Livescan at 500 dpi, certified according to the FBI IAFIS IQS App. F and App. P, based on a single platen architecture. It acquires all types of fingerprints and palm prints. It’s the ideal device for police forces for criminal booking and identification.
  • The DactyScan84c is a 10-print Livescan certified according to the FBI IAFIS IQS App. F image quality standard. The Dactyscan84c acquires 4-slaps, 2- thumbs and rolled fingerprints. Main applications are eVISA, eDocuments and e Voting enrollments, Border Control, and Criminal Identification.
  • DactyScan40i is a compact scanner with high standard level of quality and a graphical user interface that makes the fingerprint acquisition easier. It can be used in a wide range of applications: eDocuments issuing, civil identification and other governmental organizations identity control.
  • DactyScan26i is a very compact single fingerprint Livescan with high standard level of quality that allows utilization of it in a wide range of applications with a graphic user Interface that to make easy the acquisition of fingerprint.
  • The DactyID20 is a compact single-finger livescan offering a superior built-in fake finger detection system.
This makes the DactyID20 the best choice especially for unattended applications like kiosks, pc/network-login, time and attendance and many others.
Custom Products
Due to our flexible and slim organization our biggest strength and advantage regarding our competitors is our ability to develop custom solutions for our customers thus enabling them to gain a competitive edge. All of our custom products are integrating one of our standard scanners adding any required peripheral eventually integrating everything in one compact housing.
  • The MiScan is a mobile ID device, incorporating a FBI-PIV and BSI certified fingerprint reader. Well studied ergonomics allow for one-handed operations thus allowing the operator to protect himself during a person’s identification.
  • Scan-CIE DTS_F can acquire all biometrical data required for citizen identification, where a citizen goes to apply for the Electronic Identity Card.
  • Scan-PASS DTS_26 can acquire all biometrical data required for citizen identification
  • Scan-IDe40 is able to acquire all necessary morphological and biometric data needed for a person’s identification.
  • SLS442_IC a breakthrough in security and convenience, it is a multi task scanner of choice fot the growing needs regarding alien as well as citizens enrolment for visa issuing and border control.

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