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In a world of urbanization, globalization and technology ubiquity, providing a secure access solution is crucial. Many of today’s solutions require a key, code, identification card or fingerprints. All these options slow down users and interfere with their daily lives.

FST Biometrics believes secure access should not interfere with the pace of life. Our solutions utilize biometric identification technology to provide non-intrusive and seamless secure access.

Our unique In Motion Identification™ (IMID) technology includes facial recognition and behavioural analytics to swiftly identify those with access authorization, while preventing entry of the unauthorized.

FST Biometrics’ extensive experience developing secure access solutions means our technology stays ahead of the curve. FST solutions can be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing solutions and software, working side-by-side to provide the ultimate security and smooth access.

IMID is able to identify authorized individuals from a distance and in-motion. There is no slowing down or stopping for the user, as our system identifies authorized personnel quickly and efficiently, providing true, secure access, at the speed of life.

Our core software, IMID Access, which serves as the backbone of In Motion Identification™, provides identity management and access control solutions, advanced visitor management, fraud detection, remote monitoring and much more.

Unlike other systems that require dedicated hardware and software, our IMID Access with In Motion Identification™ is an open system. It integrates with security and surveillance systems for smooth interoperability. Since our solution is easily implemented into many pre-existing infrastructures, it can be used in a variety of physical settings.

FST has won many awards, the most recent of which was the Security Products Magazine “2014 New Product of the Year”.

Led by Major General Aharon Ze’evi Farkash, former head the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) Military Intelligence Directorate, and his strong management team, FST Biometrics is a global company with headquarters and R&D based in Israel. The company has offices in the USA, and business partners around the world.

FST’s current customers include residential and commercial facilities, financial institutions and corporate entities.
Please visit us at www.fstbm.com.

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