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BioRugged has a range of rugged enterprise terminals, used as the pivot for global biometric projects. These biometric services are both durable and affordable including options for rural and urban deployment. We have service locations in South Africa, Nigeria, China, DRC and Kenya. Contact us for more information on our wide range or for customized hardware solutions.

What we Do

BioRugged provides two very distinct products in our partnership with Axon Wireless International. On the one side we provide full turnkey solutions in the following sectors:

  • Customer on boarding / customer registration (KYC)
  • Voter Registration
  • ID card registration
  • Customer Verification
  • Mobile Money registration
  • Airtime and Voucher system with printing
  • Biometric (Fingerprint Registrations) and verification
  • And many more

On the other side BioRugged creates custom hardware solutions for clients these include:

  • Biometric (Fingerprint) devices
  • POS and MPOS
  • Rugged Android phones and tablets
  • Rugged Android thermal printers
  • Rugged B2B devices with MDM that enables the user to track, trace, remote wipe, remove updating of software including clients APKs. This provides the client the ability to lock down the android device, to prevent the user to access any unauthorised software in the device.

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