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Aerendir creates products and services to empower individuals to maintain their right to online privacy. We help modern and innovative companies to operate cost effectively in a less risky environment. We believe that the right to privacy means to be free from unwarranted intrusion. Aerendir believes that security and safety are not synonymous: safety is centered around the user, while security is externally applied. Our unique biometric technology protects the human fundamental right to privacy.

Aerendir helps individuals to be safe while performing routine activities such as exchanging emails, texting, making financial transactions, and enjoying the benefits of the IoT. Our user friendly biometric system allows people to enjoy the benefits of technology without giving-up their right to feel safe and have their privacy protected.

Aerendir collaborates with organizations to operate in a less risky online environment. Our frictionless biometric technology brings a revolution to transactions within financial services, e-commerce, m-commerce, healthcare, and B2B.

Aerendir was founded by biophysicist and entrepreneur Martin Zizi. He coined the term “The Mist Company™” based on his assertion that “The Cloud” will have to become less centralized as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands. The “Cloud” becoming a “Mist”. In such a destructered environment, both authentication and impersonation risks will increase. As more and more connected devices access the internet providing greater functionality and productivity for users they are at the same time creating more opportunities for malicious cyber activities. The Mist Company™’s name hints at a user-centric “bubble” controlled by this very same user. It could be understood as a personal shield that obscures the users and enables them to maintain control of their own data in a mobile and decentralized Cloud.

Aerendir Mobile Inc. is the pioneer provider of a novel physiologic biometric authentication technology called Neuro-Finger Print™ (NFP).  This identification technology, called “Touch Technology™” captures signals from the individual’s unique proprioceptive neurophysiology. These unique Neuro-Finger Print™ (NFP) signals can be sensed by hardware that already exists in smartphones and tablets.

The Touch‐recognition technology is based on the fact that no two brains are alike. Those differences can be detected by phone sensors and used to authenticate, protect and encrypt any mobile user. When analyzed, the data yields unique and stable signatures that can be considered individual fingerprints.

NFP is a fast, frictionless, single-factor authentication system. It only requires the actual living person to be holding the device and does not rely on the files stored somewhere. NFP is nearly impossible to hack because it is a physiological signal, and it is as easy as simply holding your phone naturally.

We developed strong encryptions to create a totally frictionless biometric technology with multiple layers of safety protections. Everything happens in the mobile device and stays there, we do not use any Cloud to store your information.

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