Coming soon… the revolutionary AOptix InSight™ 2 meter cooperative iris recognition system

For the first time, iris recognition at an unprecedented stand-off distance, with effortless subject ergonomics, high throughput, and pristine imaging—all made possible by the advanced technology of adaptive optics.

Subject ease-of-use, or human factors, has always been the prime challenge to the adoption of iris recognition in mainstream governmental and commercial applications—until now.

Effortless and Fast Subject Experience

The new AOptix InSight system fully automates the entire process of finding the subject’s eye. At a distance of 2 meters and with an extraordinary capture volume of almost 1 cubic meter, the system automatically captures iris biometric images that are always centered and properly focused.
2 Meters

The system virtually eliminates subject participation requirements, so that the subject merely needs to:

* Step into the capture volume
* Look at the system
* Open his or her eyes for about 2 seconds

The InSight system does all the work of finding and imaging the iris.

Serves Full Range of Biometrics Applications

The InSight system’s high throughput, ease of use and superior biometric matching performance make it well suited to enrollment and authentication in a variety of applications:

-Access control
-Border crossing
-Immigration control
-Aviation security
-ID card programs
-Law enforcement

Product Launch Event Invitation

The InSight iris recognition system will be debuted during the week of March 2, 2009 in Crystal City, VA, nearby Washington DC, in anticipation of the upcoming production system release of the product. AOptix will be hosting a series of demonstrations and discussion sessions for biometrics end-users, industry consultants and system integrators

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