Colombian Notaries Sign On To Biometrics

eSignatures, identity verification, fighting  fraudThe Colombian Board of Public Notaries (UCNC) is on track to become the most high-tech corporation of notaries in the world thanks to the signing of an agreement with three other partners including id3 Technologies. The recently penned agreement constitutes as the final phase of a two year-long initiative to bring biometric identification and online authentication to the South American nation.

The project to bring biometrics to the notaries of Colombia began in 2012 when the UCNC approached id3 Technologies for an answer to a problem – the UCNC wanted to prevent identity theft and fraud. The solution was biometrics.

An agreement has since been established between the UCNC, id3, Certicamara (a time stamping and e-Signature company), and Colombia’s National Civil Registry (RNEC). The four way partnership has led to the authorization of use of Colombia’s biographic and biometric database. As a result, citizens requiring UCNC services  can have their data compared to the database for strong online authentication.

id3 Technology and Certicamara solutions combine to allow for this anti-fraud measure, which is receiving a gradual rollout over the next year, set to equip 1000 Colombian public notary offices. The nationwide deployment includes fingerprint readers and the tablet computers required for eSignatures.

After the new system is fully implemented, all applications for administrative procedures will require, among other things, capture of the applicant’s biometric data by way of a photograph and fingerprint scan, as well as a handwritten signature. The multimodal nature of the UCNC’s biometric deployment meets all the right criteria of fighting fraud and will surely be a boon to the organization’s goals.

March 17, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter