Cognitive Biometrics Trailblazer Wins Innovation Award

Behavioral BiometricsBusiness consultancy Frost & Sullivan has named BioCatch as the recipient of this year’s New Product Innovation Leadership Award. The Israel-based company is a pioneer in the realm of cognitive biometrics, using user behaviour – and the detection of anomalies in that behaviour – as a basis for authentication.

Speaking on BioCatch’s approach in a press release, Frost & Sullivan noted that cognitive biometrics ” is an entirely new market as customer needs had previously remained unmet,” adding that BioCatch’s platform “is superior from competitors because several parameters are analyzed that are not available in traditional biometrics.”

BioCatch CEO Benny Rosenbaum called the award “an honor”, and pointed to the technology’s application in the financial services industry as of particular value, allowing banks and other such institutions to  continuously counter the ever-changing nature of cyberattacks.”

The company’s rather novel form of behaviour-based authentication could represent a subfield in the industry with a lot of potential. A similar endeavour can be seen in Socure, a startup that has been raising millions of dollars in investment for its user authentication service, which relies on user behaviour over social networks.

Meanwhile, in other areas of the wide field of biometrics, companies continue to experiment with other non-traditional biometric measures, such as unique arm gestures that allow users to unlock their phones by waving them like wands, Harry Potter-style.

January 9, 2015 – by Alex Perala