CNP Expo Recognizes NuData Solution

NuData Security has won the Judges’ Choice award for Best Antifraud Solution at this year’s CNP Expo. The event, of which NuData is a sponsor, is organized by, with the CNP Expo Recognizes NuData Solutionaim of highlighting solutions related to security, digital commerce, and mobile technology.

NuData was recognized for its NuDetect platform, which uses a combination of behavioral biometrics and analytics to assess fraud risks associated with online user accounts. It offers a kind of passive customer verification security layer, in other words, and NuData says it can detect threats well in advance, and that the user data it collects is virtually useless to hackers.

As such, it’s a solution that could be of particular value to merchants dealing in card-not-present transactions, especially as digital threats continue to advance. Commenting in a statement, CNP Expo founder Steve Casco said the event’s “new categories this year–and the number of companies that entered in those categories—reflect the response of an entire industry to the threats facing CNP merchants.”

NuData’s recognition at CNP Expo complements other recent industry accolades including the 2016 METAward, and should help to further raise the company’s profile as it continues to promote its flagship platform.

June 7, 2016 – by Alex Perala