CMITech Prepares for European Rollout of EF-45 Iris Scanner

CMITech is preparing for the launch of its new iris scanning device, with COO Philip Tusa having recently presented the EF-45 to staff at UMANICK, one of the company’s lead integrators in the European market.

CMITech Prepares for European Rollout of EF-45 Iris ScannerCMITech showcased the device at connect:ID earlier this year, when the company indicated that it planned for the EF-45 to start shipping in Q3. It’s now evidently gearing up for that rollout, with UMANICK sharpening CMITech’s focus in Europe. The integrator already offers CMITech iris scanning in its UMANICK Identity for Health platform, which has been deployed in a major public hospital in Murcia; and the companies are currently working on a join protocol aimed at using case studies from such real-world deployments to help CMITech get feedback and further refine its technology.

For now, though, CMITech’s EF-45 has a number of qualities that should appeal to prospective clients. Quoting Tusa in a statement, the company asserts that it has “an iris capture rate of more than 99.5%,” thanks in large part to a user interface designed to keep the scanning process simple and straightforward, with prompts appearing on its five-inch display to help direct users through the scanning process. It’s also going to be offered in two configurations, with one aimed at ID management and the other specializing in physical access control applications and sporting Wiegand communication and smart card reading capabilities.

June 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala