CloudLock Adopts RSA Via Access Security

RSA Via Access is now being used to add extra security to CloudLock, a company specializing in cloud-based security solutions.

CloudLock Adopts RSA Via Access Security

The platform offers security on a sliding scale, tailoring its security architecture based on individual risk assessments based on contextual factors such as, for example, the device someone is using to gain access to sensitive data. It’s a FIDO Certified solution, assuring U2F support; and it recently integrated biometric authentication in the form of Touch ID fingerprint scanning and eye vein scanning via EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID.

Commenting on the integration in a press release, CloudLock executive Manolo Gonzalez explained, “Protecting our customers’ identities and securing access to their business assets is a critical first step,” adding, “We look forward to furthering our interoperability partnership with RSA to help solve the cybersecurity challenges our joint customers face” in cloud security and identity authentication.

Gonzalez’s framing of the integration as “a critical first step” is in keeping with the security outlook behind RSA Via Access, which views digital security concerns on a spectrum and seeks to scale defences accordingly, rather than to put every egg into the basket of a single, one-size-fits-all security solution. Thus RSA Via Access is itself another measure in a broader, evolving security framework.

March 2016 – by Alex Perala