CLEAR Speeds Millionth Traveler Through Airport Security

New York, NY –March 26, 2013: CLEAR, the secure identity company that speeds travelers through airport security, announced today that CLEAR lanes have been used over 1 million times. To celebrate the millionth mark, CLEAR launched a website featuring fun travel stats compiled over the past two years. Click here to view the data.gI_79684_2CLEARme_500px

“This is an exciting milestone for CLEAR and for our members,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker. “CLEAR is to airports what the ATM is to banks: a quick, predictable, and secure experience. Our goal is to help people live, work and travel smarter, while continuing to enhance homeland security. We’re constantly working towards new ways to modernize the travel experience, and we are incredibly grateful to our members and partners for helping us reach the millionth mark.”

Certified by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology, CLEAR transforms the travel experience by allowing members to use their biometrics (fingerprint or iris) to speed through security at major US airports.

“We estimate that CLEAR members have saved over 30 million minutes that would have been spent waiting in line at airport security,” said Allison Romano, Director of Member Services. “The predictability of CLEAR is crucial for our members. Since 42% of members travel at least once per month, 15% travel once per week, and 50% travel during peak hours, CLEAR has a significant impact on their travel experience. That means more time living and less time waiting.”


CLEAR uses biometric technology to identify members and speed them through airport security in under five minutes on average, effectively eliminating lines and transforming travel. Members save time and stress with dedicated lanes that allow them to be identified in just seconds using their unique fingerprint or iris. CLEAR’s secure technology platform delivers certainty of speed and the highest level of service to members at the airport, while also enhancing airport security.

CLEAR operates at San Francisco, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Orlando international airports, and recently launched at Westchester County Airport in New York. CLEAR has a growing base of over 250,000 members nationwide and is currently working to bring its timesaving, secure biometric technology to airports around the country. Enrollment is fast and easy and can be done at any of CLEAR’s enrollment centers ( For more information on how CLEAR is changing the way people travel, visit