CLEAR Opens New Office in Austin, Texas

CLEAR has opened its first office outside of its home turf in New York.CLEAR Opens New Office in Austin, Texas

The office is located in northern Austin, Texas, and was announced by Opportunity Austin, an economic development arm of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. The announcement asserted that CLEAR expects to create 30 jobs with its new office.

The development reflects the ongoing ascent of air travel biometrics, with a growing number of airports and airlines across the country embracing biometric passenger screening technologies. With its biometric system, CLEAR is a prominent solutions provider in the sector.

But the company has also recently expanded into other kinds of deployments for its expedited screening solution, most notably major sports venues; and it has even started to pioneer ‘naked payments’ technology, allowing registered users to make purchases by linking their biometrics to their payment accounts. Soccer, baseball, and football fans in Seattle who are signed up for CLEAR are now able to make concessions stand purchases with a simple fingerprint scan. Thus, inasmuch as the new office reflects CLEAR’s growth as a company, it also indicates the increasing interest in this kind of biometric technology beyond air travel.

Commenting in Opportunity Austin’s statement, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce VP Charisse Bodisch said, “With its innovative use of biometric technology, Clear is a natural fit in Austin’s tech-friendly environment.”

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