CLEAR Delivers on Naked Payments Promise in Seattle

CLEAR Delivers on Naked Payments PromiseCLEAR has followed through on its promise to bring biometric transactions to the sports stadium concession stand: Fans of the Seattle Sounders soccer team, the Seahawks football team, and the Mariners baseball team can now buy snacks and drinks just by performing a fingerprint scan.

It’s probably the most high-profile US deployments yet of a ‘naked payments’ system that replaces payment cards and even virtual, mobile cards with biometric profiles linked directly to payment accounts. And it goes a step further than some of the other experimental naked payments trials seen elsewhere, as it not only connects a given customer to their payment information, but also ensures they are of age to buy beer or other restricted goods. That’s because CLEAR’s biometric system, initially developed to facilitate expedited screening through airports, establishes comprehensive profiles of registrants including not only their biometric but also key biographic details.

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CLEAR’s delivery of biometric purchases fulfills a promise the company has been making in recent months as it has expanded its biometric expedited entry system to more sports stadiums in the US. The system is now in place in a number of ballparks but has also recently expanded into soccer stadiums; now, in Seattle, CLEAR has partnered with its first NFL team in the Seahawks.

And with CLEAR’s biometric system now in place at both CenturyLink Field and the Safeco Field baseball stadium, CLEAR says its technology will also be used for concert events at these locations. That means CLEAR members will be able to get expedited entry when coming to see their favorite bands, and they’ll be able to leave their payment cards safely at home as they make purchases with just their fingertips.

August 7, 2018 – by Alex Perala