CISOs Look Beyond Password Security

CISOs Look Beyond Password Security

Ten prominent Chief Information Security Officers are predicting and advocating for a move beyond traditional password security. Commenting in a Security Current article, CISOs from companies including Valley Health, Live Nation Entertainment, and Molson Coors join a growing chorus of security experts calling for more sophisticated digital security systems as the password proves increasingly vulnerable to advancing hacking methods and technologies.

Seven of the ten CISOs point to biometric technology specifically as offering a stronger means of user authentications, with Molson Coors’ Christine Vanderpool suggesting it “will improve the future of authentication,” and Valley Health’s Frank Bradshaw asserting it “is becoming the authentication tool of choice for many enterprises”. And almost all of the security experts highlight the importance of multi-factor systems in which biometrics and other systems like SMS one-time passwords could play an important role.

To a great extent, the consensus appears to be in favour of the kinds of security systems for which the FIDO Alliance has been advocating. The cross-industry consortium has grown highly influential with respect to digital authentication and security standards, and given the view of these CISOs, it seems clear that much of FIDO’s success can reasonably be attributed to its smart approach to sophisticated security.

It’s worth hearing out all of these CISOs on this increasingly important issue; the full article is available on Security Current’s website.

February 1, 2016 – by Alex Perala