Chicago Hospitals Improve HR Efficiency with Crossmatch

Chicago Hospitals Improve HR Efficiency with Crossmatch

The Crossmatch Guardian USB livescan device features patented Auto Capture capability and Perfect Roll technology.

A solution from biometric identity management specialist Crossmatch is helping Chicago hospitals to process employee background checks effectively and efficiently, the company says. Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC) hospitals are reporting that they have now used Crossmatch’s livescan solution to process more than 120,000 background checks using fingerprint identification.

The solution was implemented as part of an effort to comply with the Illinois Health Care Worker Background Check Act, legislation requiring that unlicensed healthcare workers be subject to criminal background checks based on fingerprint scan. Given the volume of processing that MCHC would have to do, since it has more than 150 member facilities, the organizations opted for Crossmatch’s solution to replace its more archaic background check process, which could take up to a week. In a statement, MCHC’s head of Human Capital Services & Employee Benefits Advisory Services, Gary Drain, said that the new system “has reduced new hire criminal history background clearance time from one week to one day.”

The success of this program should further burnish Crossmatch’s reputation as a supplier of biometric identity solutions. Having developed award-winning mobile identification devices for in-the-field law enforcement applications as well as a more comprehensive multi-factor identification platform, the company has attracted the interest of at least one senior lawmaker seeking to better understand biometric technology as it becomes more prevalent in society at large. Now, with a healthcare solution under its belt, the company is boosting its reputation in other sectors as well.

December 2, 2015 – by Alex Perala