Changi Airport to Host Open House for Biometric Terminal

Administrators at Singapore’s Changi Airport are getting ready to showcase its technologically sophisticated new terminal with an open house scheduled for August 7th to August 20th.

Changi Airport to Host Open House for Biometric TerminalTerminal 4, or T4, will be the conduit for the airport’s new Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) program, which is designed to use biometric identification technology to speed up passenger processing. It’s a critical issue for Changi, given that it’s considered the sixth busiest international airport in the world and is reportedly operating at close to capacity, and FAST has been years in the making.

The new terminal won’t be operational until later this year, but airport authorities are evidently looking to stoke some excitement by showing off its unique orchid petal interior architecture, marble flooring, and extensive market with T4’s open house. And when the terminal does kick into action, its use of facial recognition for passenger screening should help it to process an additional 16 million travelers per year.

The biometric terminal’s emergence comes at a time when biometric airport screening and passenger processing are increasingly popular around the world, with border authorities and travel operators alike exploring its benefits in terms of security and efficiency.

Sources: International Business Times, The Jakarta Post, Financial Express

July 26th, 2017 – by Alex Perala