Certisign Deal Builds Aware’s Commercial Sector Momentum

Certisign intends to incorporate Aware’s offerings into a cloud-based biometric services system.

A major digital certificates supplier in Brazil has licensed a number of products from Aware, Inc. The company, Certisign, intends to incorporate Aware’s offerings into a cloud-based biometric services system.

It’s a major deal for both companies. Certisign is currently Brazil’s largest digital certificates supplier, and its influence extends more broadly into Latin America, servicing organizations in the healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, retail, and government sectors. Its overall aim is to use Aware technology to develop a biometrics platform for its clients, with enrolment possible either at their own premises or at any of Certisign’s retail offices, which number above 1400. To that end, Certisign is leveraging such Aware products as its Inquire text-based identity SDKs, its Nexa biometric SDKs, its Astra cluster computing platform, and its Biometric Services Platform (BioSP), as well as enrollment stations built by Aware using its PreFace, LiveScan API, SequenceCheck, NISTPack, and IrisCheck SDKs.

In a statement, the head of Certisign’s biometrics unit, Igor Rocha, commented that the “range and flexibility of Aware’s software helped make our new biometric services possible,” adding that the company’s “deep expertise and reliable support are what we expect will help ensure our success.”

For Aware’s part, the deal fits in very well with the overall strategy outlined by the company when it released its Q2 results at the end of July: While that quarter saw solid net income for the company, it also reflected a decrease from Q2 of 2014 due to the wrap-up of a major government project. That development saw the company aiming to pick up momentum again in the commercial sector, which this new deal with Certisign should help to accomplish.

September 21, 2015 – by Alex Perala