[Money20/20] CEO John Ahrens On Veratad’s Expansion

[Money20/20] CEO John Ahrens On Veratad's ExpansionVeratad has been active in identity verification technologies for over a decade now, but it’s currently taking some bold new steps. One of them is the decision to become an exhibitor for the first time at Money20/20, where Veratad CEO John E. Ahrens spoke with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor.

In their discussions, Ahrens started off by highlighting the payoff of that decision, and another big move the company is making – its expansion into fraud prevention. Ahrens pointed to a growing client base beyond Veratad’s mainstay of age verification, which reflects a larger expansionary phase for the company.

The chat concludes with a glimpse of the future for Veratad, with Ahrens gesturing to biometrics and blockchain as his firm explores potentially disruptive new approaches to digital identity.

Listen to the full Money20/20 USA interview with John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad:

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