Vehicle Scanning Border Control System CENTINELA Adds Facial Recognition

Atos has integrated facial recognition technology into the CENTINELA border control solution offered through its Bull commercial brand.Vehicle Scanning Border Control System CENTINELA Adds Facial Recognition

The system is designed to automatically regulate cross-border vehicular traffic by scanning vehicles’ license plates. Now, it can automatically match the related vehicular information to its driver via facial biometric capture, allowing it to identify when a given driver is using multiple vehicles, or a stolen car, or various other abnormal scenarios and behaviors.

The system is currently in place at Spanish border crossings, and with this new capability it could prove appealing to a number of other European countries grappling with how to manage Schengen zone migration during the continents’ ongoing refugee crisis. More generally, it also illustrates the growing use of biometric identification technologies at border crossings and for other civil security applications. With a rising number of airports automating passenger processing with this kind of technology, applying it to vehicular migration appears a logical parallel.

September 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala