CARTES 2013: Signature Fingerprint Scanner to Make Appearance at Paris Event

November 18, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

Multifactor authentication is a big part of better than password security represented by biometrics. Where one factor might be spoofed through a number of methods that the industry is trying to counter-attack through collaborative efforts, additional security measures can be added to increase the difficulty of defrauding a verification device. Of course, with each factor comes a new piece of hardware, and along with that friction and cost.

Biometrics provider DERMALOG Identification Systems has combined two completely separate biometrics on the same terminal in order to address this multifactor puzzle. Its LF10 Fingerprint Scanner, which is on display at Cartes this week in hall 4 at stand M 061, has a new functionality: in addition to scanning and authenticating  rolled fingerprints and tenprints, can also verify signature biometrics on the same scanning window.

Thanks to an integrated switching function, the LF10 can offer dual authentication for say, credit card transactions, by scanning a fingerprint and, immediately after, allowing the platen to accept a signature.

Multiple biometrics being measured by a single device is something that has been coming up in the larger discussion of how mobility is affecting the authentication market landscape. Passive biometrics like voice recognition, walking gait and keystroke measurement are finding a foothold in more secure industries like finance and healthcare largely because of their invisible nature. Signatures as a form of document authentication have never been as low friction, but innovations like the one demonstrated by DERMALOG’s Signature Fingerprint Scanner certainly stand to give the old John Hancock a prolonged life in the near future of post-password security.