Cardiac Biometrics Startup Nominated for FinTech Innovation Award

Irish biometrics startup B-Secur has been nominated in the category of Best Innovation in Financial Services at this year’s Dot IE Net Visionary Awards, organized by the Irish Internet Association.

Cardiac Biometrics Startup Nominated for FinTech Innovation AwardThe company specializes in cardiac biometrics for authentication applications and has secured strong financial backing from investors excited about its technology. In a profile from early last year, CEO Alan Foreman explained the unique advantage offered by cardiac biometrics in authentication: A user’s unique heart pattern is produced by the body internally, and therefore difficult to replicate and spoof, compared to external modalities like fingerprint and face.

Commenting on its inclusion in this year’s Dot IE Net Visionary Awards shortlist on its website, the company explained that the category for which it has been nominated “highlights the best technological innovations around financial services and institutions from Irish businesses, and we’re proud to be named among some great businesses.”

While other companies exploring cardiac authentication such as Nymi are focusing on the wearable applications of such technology, B-Secur’s technology is able to take ECG readings through a user’s fingertips. The technology is emerging at a time of growing excitement over biometric authentication, and its inclusion in the Dot IE Net Visionary Awards should further help the company to build some buzz when the event takes place in early October.

August 23, 2016 – by Alex Perala