Caradigm Launches EPCS Solution

Caradigm Launches EPCS SolutionEnterprise staff health specialist Caradigm has added electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) to its Identity and Access Management (IAM) portfolio, the company has announced.

Caradigm EPCS is designed with the aim of ensuring that that all federal and state EPCS requirements are met, ensuring healthcare practitioners can electronically prescribe medication with confidence that they comply with any standards in play. The company says it’s also a highly secure system; it’s part of Caradigm’s IAM platform, which offers two-factor authentication capabilities via partners like biometrics specialist BIO-key.

In a statement announcing Caradigm EPCS, Caradigm VP Mike Willingham placed a strong emphasis on security, asserting that “Caradigm believes that the most critical aspect of our customer relationships is the partnership we forge to maintain security of data and clinical workflows.” Willingham added that EPCS capabilities will enable Caradigm customers “to leverage their IAM investment to both increase organizational levels of efficiency and security, and meet state and federal requirements.”

It’s a timely development on Caradigm’s part. EPCS solutions are increasingly popular, with companies like Imprivata and HID Global offering their own such solutions; and as the healthcare market’s appetite for such technology grows, Caradigm should see increasing interest in its own offering.

November 12, 2015 – by Alex Perala