Camatica Uses Mood Analytics to Track Employee Satisfaction

Biometrics News - Camatica Uses Mood Analytics to Track Employee Satisfaction

The facial recognition startup Camatica has upgraded its portfolio to offer “mood analytics” to its enterprise-level clients. The technology will scan the faces of employees arriving at work and let management know how those employees are feeling on that particular day.

“There’s nothing creepy about understanding when employees are experiencing challenges and putting in place solutions to help them,” said Laurence Seberini, the Co-Founder of the Johannesburg, South Africa startup. “Using AI to help a busy boss know when it’s time for a kind word or a warm cup of cocoa is a smart move, not an invasion of privacy.”

It’s unclear if employees will agree with that assessment, with the routine use of surveillance potentially eroding trust between employers and employees. But the technology could also be used to improve performance, which is the pitch Camatica is making to potential customers. Seberini argues that mood analytics will take some of the guesswork out of management, giving employers more accurate information about their staff and allowing them to take direct action to help employees who might be struggling.

According to Camatica, the goal is to create a work environment that is better able to respond to the needs of specific employees. The company stressed that all stakeholders should be consulted before implementing any facial recognition program, and that employees should always be informed about its use in the workplace.

Camatica’s technology can also be used to track employee attendance, placing it alongside similar biometric solutions from Ipsidy, Telaeris, and other competitors in the rapidly expanding time management marketplace.

Source: IOL

July 29, 2019 – by Eric Weiss