Consumers Like Call Center Voice Recognition, Too: NICE Survey

A rising number of organizations have been enjoying the administrative benefits of voice-based authentication in the contact center, but new survey data is now affirming that customers like it, too.Consumers Like Call Center Voice Recognition, Too: NICE Survey

The data comes from enterprise software provider NICE, which surveyed 900 customers across India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Announcing its results, the company says it found that “consumers are overwhelmingly in favor of companies using voice recognition to authenticate their identity when interacting with a contact center.”

Much of that is due to frustration with archaic authentication systems like those based on security questions. Almost half (46 percent) of respondents rated their experience of such systems between “neutral” and “terrible”, and a little over half suggested that the worst part of this was when they had to do it in public. As such, “88 percent were open to voice biometrics” as an alternative, NICE says; and of those who were only hearing about such technology for the first time, 81 percent were willing to try it.

It’s good news for NICE, which offers its own passive voice authentication system for call-in centers. But it’s also good news for the various companies — perhaps most notably banks — that have been enthusiastically embracing the technology for its benefits in improving security while cutting call times and thus costs.

March 8, 2017 – by Alex Perala