Build Your Own Biometric Access Control With ievo’s New Custom Kit

In the realm of physical access control, customizability plays a number of roles but, first and foremost, it gives a user options to best suit her unique security needs breaks down accessibility barriers.

ievo custom kit biometrics

The new Custom Kit from ievo allows users to create their own biometric access control.

Today, ievo announced that it will be giving users the power of choice with its newly designed Custom Kit. The solution gives users a range of options when choosing a biometric access control solution, allowing the possibility of card integration, increased template capacity and Power over Ethernet features. This is all in addition to the standard fingerprint readers (ultimate and micro).

What it all adds up to is the ability to build your own biometric access control solution specifically catered to the needs of any given project.

Shaun Oakes, managing director of ievo explains, “From our customer feedback, we found that users wanted more flexibility and freedom to create a biometric access control system to suit their project and installation needs. Through our custom kit additions, users will be able to create their very own ievo system that is fully customisable and fully field serviceable while integrators will open new markets to win new business.”

None of the customizable features change the standard ultimate or micro fingerprint readers, so existing ievo systems can be invisibly bolstered. The Custom Kit gives the option to have on-card templates or expanded database if space is a concern, and the multispectral fingerprint readers can incorporate access card factors as well. The standard capacity offered by ievo for identification mode (10,000 templates) can now be expanded up to 50,000.

The cost adoption barrier is being attacked here too. Wireless and bluetooth communication capabilities, replacing the need for a LAN, and the Power over Ethernet feature cuts down on infrastructure installation and administrative time.

On top of all of this possible customization, the Custom Kit also allows for time and attendance functions.

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June 8, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter