Brisbane Airport Deploys SITA Biometric Screening System

Australia’s Brisbane Airport has become the first in Australia to implement SITA Smart Path, a biometric and automated passenger screening solution.

Brisbane Airport Deploys SITA Biometric Screening SystemThe process is simple. Travelers present their passenger information at the SITA Smart Path kiosk, and then proceed through an automated gate, undergoing a facial recognition scan that links them to their passport and boarding pass credentials. There is thus no need to present such documentation after the initial check-in process at the SITA kiosk.

The deployment follows news from earlier this year that the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is looking to deploy automated passenger processing systems at airports across the country. SITA’s ties to such an effort are not yet clear, but in working with Air New Zealand, the first airline to trial SITA’s system at Brisbane Airport, the company says that there are “plans to expand the service to more international airlines in the coming months,” according to a statement announcing the deployment.

The deployment’s announcement arrives amid news that border authorities in Canada and the US are seeking to ramp up their own biometric airport screening programs, suggesting rapidly increasing activity in this area around the world.

March 9, 2017 – by Alex Perala