BRIEF: What’s Next for iPhone Biometrics?

BRIEF: What's Next for iPhone Biometrics?Apple is the key pioneer behind the mobile biometrics revolution, which it launched with the introduction of its Touch ID system in 2013. Now, with rival Samsung establishing itself as another biometrics innovator in its promotion of mobile iris scanning, Apple is facing pressure to reassert itself in this technological field. Yet little is known about the biometric technologies in store with its next new iPhone, Apple being the tight-lipped company that it is.

Nevertheless, leaks and hints from another device’s code have helped to sketch out some of the biometric capabilities of the iPhone 8. Bearing in mind that none of these features have been confirmed by Apple and that they remain firmly in the realm of speculation, here’s what we think we know so far about this year’s big new iPhone:

It will feature a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor:

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Its main focus will be facial recognition:

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Facial recognition will be used for Apple Pay, and may even be used for document verification:

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