BRIEF: Wearable Technology Moves Beyond Fitness Tracking

There has been a growing amount of buzz about wearable technology for years, with the incorporation of biometric technology having helped to establish a whole new category of consumer electronics in fitness tracking. BRIEF: Wearable Technology Moves Beyond Fitness TrackingBut fitness tracking applications, as popular a niche as they are, signify only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wearable applications of biometry.

Technological advancements and changing attitudes among consumers are starting to open up exciting new possibilities – especially as biometrics specialists seek to pioneer new markets. Here’s how:

Wearable biometrics can be used for authentication, too:

With consumers getting used to the idea of paying with their phones, wearable devices could become the next vector for transactions:

… And with the mobile biometrics market getting crowded, biometrics specialists are starting to invest in the wearables market, which could further spur innovation going forward: