BRIEF: How Samsung Competes With Apple as a Biometric Pioneer

BRIEF: How Samsung Competes With Apple as a Biometric PioneerThere has been a lot of hype around Apple’s new Face ID facial recognition system, with discussions inevitably referring to the company’s pioneering of mobile fingerprint scanning with its Touch ID system, even if that system has now been abandoned on the iPhone X. But all the hype does something of a disservice to Samsung, which has itself become a biometric pioneer over the past year after a long period of following Apple’s lead, and could even overtake Apple in this area in the eyes of consumers.

Here’s how:

After a false start with the now-recalled Note7 smartphone, Samsung really did go some way in making mobile iris recognition go mainstream:

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And it may be poised to bring that capability further down the price spectrum of its smartphone lines and to other devices:

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Samsung Aims to Enable IoT ‘Payment Ecosystem’ with Iris Biometrics

It also beat Apple to the punch when it comes to facial recognition, though its technology is less sophisticated than Apple’s:

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Finally, Samsung may succeed where Apple failed, and maybe even sooner than many think:

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